how to do Lower Back Exercises?

Back Extension Warm-Up

Lie down on the mattress, on your stomach, face forward and your palms, by your side, in line with your head. Your legs should be shoulder-width apart and only your toes touching the floor.

Take breath slowly and now raise your chest off the floor, with your hands by your side, facing outwards or down. Hold the posture for 1-2 seconds and then slowly bring down your chest. Repeat for 10-12 times and a set of 3.

Crescent Shape Back

By the name you must have already imagined what the exercise may be like. Lie down again on the mattress, on your stomach, with your hands stretched freely above your head and your face faced down. Now slowly start raising up your chest and hands off the floor also raising your legs in the same manner. If you do this correctly, and it will take time, your back by now will look like a crescent moon. Raise up your chest and legs only to the level of your comfort, don’t overdo yourself. You’ll only hurt yourself.


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