Vandeu Int.Release PRO Sneaker Shoe

Vandeu ,May 2016
 Press Release

Vandeu based New debut latest update to the Sneakers. The 163006 is the ideal shoe for high mileage runner.

They are lightweight and cushioned footbed. The 163006 pair of sneaker with central lace-ups and synthetic upper. The 163006 was debut in May 2016 at specially retailer with the suggested retail price of Rs.999. Special feature of the artical is natural foot motion and surprising level of comfort.

 The 163006 series has always focused on a mission of powerful and durable cushioning,
 and the 163006 maintains this stance in  the workhorse, mileage pounding shoe. Vandeu designers and engineers hyper-focused on keeping this runner happy and only  to serve up a better ride.


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