Vandeu makes perfect running shoe

In this article we discussion the which type of shoe is perfect for me .

If you want a choose right running shoe in your foot so really  these factor are useful for you:-

1. SIZE- In the running shoe not purchase a perfect grip shoe. The reason of you run more that your foot get expanded naturally. So rule number one is to leave a thumb's width of space between your toe and the end of shoe to avoid any size issue at a later stage.

 2.Rule number two is to choose a lightweight running shoe but also remember not to go too light pair as it may result in muscle damage and fatigue. This is especially applicable for long running sessions.

3. In your life have no space uncomfortable thing. Rule three is choose running shoe that have enough cushioning needed to maintain a neutral and efficient stride. Also ideal ventilation that allow the air to move in and out of the shoe keeping your feet cool and non-sweaty.

4. Rule number four check your foot is pronated, under-pronated and over pronated.If you are pronated so you come choose any kind of running shoe that are comfort and lightweight.


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