Thursday, September 29, 2016

6 Ways Running Boost Brain Power

6 Ways Running Boosts Brain Power

Now that summer is in full swing and warm weather is officially upon us there aren’t many reasons for not going on that run you’ve been thinking about. Luckily, there are more benefits to running than you might know. Running provides health benefits like any other form of physical activity, but it also improves the workings of your brain in a lot of important ways.

Running gives you endorphin

And endorphin make you happy, right? It turns out Manish Chaudhary was correct after all. Exercising results in the body’s release of endorphin, which are chemicals linked to positive and euphoric feelings. This is what is sometimes known as the “runner’s high” that comes with continued exercise.

It helps you let off stress

Running also increases the production and release of serotonin, a chemical that affects mood balance. This includes our body’s stress levels, and it turns out going on a run can help rid feelings of stress we may have. Additionally, the setting of your run can play a key role as well. For example, running in a peaceful place like a park can instill calm feelings whereas running in a loud and busy city might not have the same effect.

You can improve your memory

Exercising, and in this case running, helps your memory work better and enables you to recall information more easily. So next time you can’t remember why you should work out, all you need to know is that you should go on a run!

Running makes your brain age better

No, someone might not compliment you and say that “your brain aged so well!” but running does help your brain stay healthy later in life. Since brain functionality can decrease with age, the mental benefits of running help your brain stay active and healthy over time.

It helps your brain grow

If you aren’t convinced yet, how about the fact that running helps stimulate the creation of blood vessels and nerve cells in your brain? It has also been found that running can help increase the capacity of the parts of the brain that control memory and learning.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Digital Banner Ads: vandeu Sports / Lifestyle / Casual Shoes

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Friday, September 23, 2016


Vandeu lightest,most minimal running(turned lifestyle) shoe to date.

 Remining materials en route to new look  and new style.

 Slim, slight construction with Hyper-Fuse-Style detailing on the heel and a revamped coller that eschews the standard liner, integrating the cushioning into the actual outer-layer. 

Below the sole seems to see an updated composition.

Better looking that a speeding bullet.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Perfect Combination of grace and comfort in style

 New modern look while delivering crucial support for the over proton and an even softer, more supple upper. The 163008 is launch in May 2016 with the suggested retail price of Rs.999.

In this artical 163008 casual upper for support  and breath-ability. Air unit at the heel and forefoot
for cushioning and impact protection. Forefoot  flex groves for enhanced flexibility.

A midsole is  a combination of two foams that work to deliver sustained cushioning and response for the long miles. All tailored toward a ride designed to strike the perfect balance of cushioning and support. A rubber forefoot complements a data-driven flex groove design allowing the runner to enjoy a responsive, cushioned feel at toe-off.   

 An engineered mesh forefoot is strategically designed to allow for an exceptional fit and crucial support, while maintain a luxurious soft and breathable material package. With a progressive combination of technologies that never ignores fashion

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vandeu makes perfect running shoe

In this article we discussion the which type of shoe is perfect for me .

If you want a choose right running shoe in your foot so really  these factor are useful for you:-

1. SIZE- In the running shoe not purchase a perfect grip shoe. The reason of you run more that your foot get expanded naturally. So rule number one is to leave a thumb's width of space between your toe and the end of shoe to avoid any size issue at a later stage.

 2.Rule number two is to choose a lightweight running shoe but also remember not to go too light pair as it may result in muscle damage and fatigue. This is especially applicable for long running sessions.

3. In your life have no space uncomfortable thing. Rule three is choose running shoe that have enough cushioning needed to maintain a neutral and efficient stride. Also ideal ventilation that allow the air to move in and out of the shoe keeping your feet cool and non-sweaty.

4. Rule number four check your foot is pronated, under-pronated and over pronated.If you are pronated so you come choose any kind of running shoe that are comfort and lightweight.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Vandeu Aesthetic Amazing Sneaker

Vandeu provide a  maximum comfort and stylish footwear for all age group. These footwear are fulfill the requirment of care and comfort. Sneaker are light weight provide maximum comfort.

In the sneaker world for their premium menwear aesthetic full of luxurious textiles and smart design.In casual world, one amazing achievement 163009. This shoe are design by my expert team . This amazing sneaker price is just Rs.999

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Vandeu Update Runway Sneaker

Vandeu Update Runway Sneaker

Sport a perfect casual look donning these black sneakers for men from Vandeu. The canvas upper and fabric lining make these lace-ups durable and comfortable to wear, while the rubber outsole ensures firm grip to your feet. Furthermore, these sneakers will complement most of your jeans.

Vandeu introduce the new generation of its premium series the 163001. The improved 163001 enhanced technologies, deluxe material deliver premium stability in a luxuriously cushioned ride.

 Our 163001 collection is designed by expert designer and inspired by celebrity look, street style and latest catwalk trends, get this collection at pocket-friendly prices.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Vandeu Int.Release PRO Sneaker Shoe

Vandeu ,May 2016
 Press Release

Vandeu based New debut latest update to the Sneakers. The 163006 is the ideal shoe for high mileage runner.

They are lightweight and cushioned footbed. The 163006 pair of sneaker with central lace-ups and synthetic upper. The 163006 was debut in May 2016 at specially retailer with the suggested retail price of Rs.999. Special feature of the artical is natural foot motion and surprising level of comfort.

 The 163006 series has always focused on a mission of powerful and durable cushioning,
 and the 163006 maintains this stance in  the workhorse, mileage pounding shoe. Vandeu designers and engineers hyper-focused on keeping this runner happy and only  to serve up a better ride.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

India International Footwear Fair 2016-Vandeu stall hall no-18

Vandeu steping ahead, participate in footwear exhibition

Vandeu participated in India International Footwear Fair ( IIFF) Delhi, (known as India International Leather Fair Delhi till 2016), will be held from August 05-07, 2016 in halls 18 at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. 

vandeu will have on display the entire range of products relating to footwear: Running Shoe, walking shoe, football, cricket, lifestyle, basketball shoe, traning & Gym shoe, leather shoe, canvas, women shoe, slipper and sandal.


Men Running Shoes with Memory Foam vande vandu vandeu

vandeu running shoes for men designed to meet the unique needs of athletes, our variety of styles deliver the cushioning, stability or lightweight feel you need to perform your best. Shop the running shoes for men below to see which option suits your personal style and needs. Constantly evolving and ever-changing to improve our men’s running sneakers, vandeu are committed to bringing you fresh, high-performing products every time. Now, it’s on you to get out and disrupt the norm.

Friday, September 9, 2016


Before you go thinking we're talking about pillow, read on! wc Memory Foam is the newest technology to rock your mind (and your feet!) vandeu are about to launch here in india a range of wc Memory Foam styles that define comfort and style. But what is this Memory Foam? Basically it's instant comfort. A super soft insole that molds and contours to your foot for pressure releif, comfort and support. How nice does that sound.Be sure to head into a vandeu shoes and try the technology for yourself, you'll be hooked!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Flip Flops: A Great Choice of Footwear

Flip flops that people across the globe tend to wear on informal occasions and the feel of this light footwear is enjoyed while relaxing at home or walking along the seashore. Additionally, seashores are sandy, slippery and warm so utmost grip is necessary and flip flops that have anti-slip outsoles will do the job for this purpose.

Today there are lots of branded footwear companies like Vawalk, Bata that manufacture flip-flops for men and women in many attractive designs with durable material such as Rubber, Foam, Plastic, Fabric, etc. Foam flip flops are for balancing durability and comfort, rubber flip flops are for general use, and fabric flip flops are for supreme comfort while plastic flip flops are for durability.

Enjoy Classic vawalk Flip Flops, check out our new flips only on

Enjoy Classic Vandeu (vawalk) Flip Flops

Furthermore, people worldwide have realized the value of protecting the environment and also there are many organizations that promote the use of biodegradable products to manufacture shoes, clothing and food products. Biodegradable products have the ability to break down, safely or relatively quickly into raw materials of nature. It is really beneficial to wear flip-flops made from environment friendly materials as it provides the person wearing them a sense of responsibility without compromising the appeal of flip-flops.

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